Scott Rice Springfield Welcomes Julie

SCOTT RICE OF SPRINGFIELD WELCOMES NEW TEAM MEMBER, JULIE TRACY The Scott Rice team in Springfield welcomes our newest team member, Julie Tracy. Julie is joining the team with 13 years of experience in the design world and will be working in Business Development for the Springfield community. We are excited to have her on…

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Shriners Hospital for Children Imaging Suite – Boston, MA

Be Well 20/20: Air Indoor Air Quality by Tarkett

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Air INDOOR AIR QUALITY BY TARKETT The quality of indoor air is directly impacted by its surroundings.  Finishes that emit odors or trap particles can contribute to physical irritation and health issues.  To help take control and mitigate these effects, manufacturers of architectural materials and finishes…

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Meet the Color Art Accounting Team

MEET THE COLOR ART ACCOUNTING & HR TEAM An idea came up recently from the Scott Rice team, to do a short Q&A with our accounting friends at Color Art. Our team interacts with Color Art so often, but we don’t always have the chance to put a name to a face! Check out what what our team at Color…

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Be Well 20/20: Air Infection Control for Healthcare

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Air INFECTION CONTROL FOR HEALTHCARE // IMAGE FLOORING Scott Rice is comprised of a collective of companies who support a breadth of services for any interior environment.  Our collective is focused on providing top quality products, supportive services and market knowledge for every client.   One of…

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Be Well 20/20: Air Plant & Pot Pairings

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Plant & Pot Pairings PLANT & POT PAIRINGS Pothos, Sansevieria , Zamioculcas zamiifoli, OH MY!! Plants are sprouting up everywhere. It’s common to see beautiful planters in the lobby of an office building, or personal pots carefully positioned on a co-worker’s desk. If you talk to…

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Be Well 20/20: Air McCownGordon Air Quality Standards

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Air McCOWNGORDON: BUILDING AIR QUALITY STANDARDS Scott Rice reached out to McCownGordon Construction, and inquired about the practices they are implementing, day to day, to promote high levels of air quality in the buildings they construct and for their clients.  Emily Tilgner (P.E, QCxP, WELL AP)…

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MIX Claridge

Be Well 20/20: Mind Biophilia in Design

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Mind  BIOPHILIA IN DESIGN BIOPHILIA: a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature: a desire or tendency to commune with nature Take a moment and think about the last time you enjoyed a hike through a forest, was…

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Be Well 20/20: Mind WFH: Mindful Moments

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Mind WFH: MINDFUL MOMENTS  To help maintain mental balance, team members at Scott Rice are sharing activities they practice and enjoy, a “Mindful Moment”. These activities can differ for each person, we all rejuvenate and recharge differently. Find what works best for you, set a goal…

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Be Well 20/20: Mind Artwork + Positive Effects on the Mind

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Mind Artwork and The Positive Effects on the Mind ARTWORK & THE POSITIVE EFFECTS ON THE MIND Studies have shown that artwork within the workplace increase levels of productivity and well-being. According to Scott Rice Vendor, Great American Art, “Artwork can support the creation of a…

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wishbone living

Be Well 20/20: Mind Hygge Hype

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Mind Hygge Hype HYGGE HYPE noun 1. a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being  (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture). Be well. Stay well. Live well. Newly resurged phrases like these that are on the tips of…

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