The Scott Rice team in Springfield welcomes our newest team member, Julie Tracy. Julie is joining the team with 13 years of experience in the design world and will be working in Business Development for the Springfield community. We are excited to have her on our team! 

I am very excited to join SR, Springfield office in the Business Development role!


I have 13 years’ experience with a Kansas City based Architect firm; 9 years -FFE specification writing, bidding process and AIA contracts; working closely with Designers, Architects, Vendors and Clients; 4 years – Business Development and Salesforce Administrator and HR Coordinator.

I spent the last 8 months at Bass Pro Base Camp working with my husband, Matt Robinett, on a 4-person crew restack: tear down/installation of 500+ stations, along with remove and replace 60,000 sq.ft. of carpet tiles.  As crazy as it may sound, it has been one of my favorite jobs.


I am a Chiefs fan!  Love them!  I also love to play sports; Golf, Darts, Pool, Bowling and Roller Skating(secretly want to be on the roller derby team).  My favorite thing I have and continue to participate in is Kansas City Fashion Week.  For 4 years I have donated my time and soft skills as the Hospitality Manager for Kansas City Fashion Week.  I oversee the complete coordination of over 100+ volunteers for a full week, twice each year.

I have found throughout my personal and professional life I have many passions, but to sum it up in one word, it is “Design”.   Not just one type of design, but many; clothing, furniture, technical, hair, makeup, jewelry, art, objects, etc.  I enjoy sharing my “Design” passions with everyone. I truly love so many different things; I just do them all.

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