Be Well 20/20: Steelcase Acoustics + Privacy

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Steelcase Acoustics + Privacy SOUND MASKING WITHIN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT  Several studies show how acoustic performance of the workplace environment can affect the wellness of its occupants.  I’m sure most of you have experienced the scenario where you were trying to focus, only to be distracted…

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Be Well 20/20: Carnegie Xorel

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Carnegie Xorel CARNEGIE XOREL “We have admired Xorel and all of its incredible attributes long before we became the representatives for Carnegie.” shares Kristin Goodman.  “The unique design, durability and multi-use aspect of the product, along with the hundreds of standard options has always made Xorel…

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Be Well 20/20: 3Form Acoustics

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | 3Form Acoustics 3FORM Q+A WITH BRAD ANTISDEL AND ZACKERY BELANGER Designing for acoustic control is imperative for many projects. Sound can have such a profound impact on a space and its users, involving an acoustician early in the design process is vital for a successful project.…

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Be Well 20/20: 3Form Flek

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | 3Form Flek 3FORM FLEK A note from Brad Antisdel, Materials Consultant, 3Form: “Flek is a new line in our Varia platform. 3Form’s Varia platform is known for its translucency, formability, durability, cleanability, strong fire-rating, and carrying multiple sustainability labels. Our Varia has always used 40% pre-consumer recycled material, but Flek…

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Be Well 20/20: PolyVision Ceramic Steel

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | PolyVision Ceramic Steel POLYVISION: A CONFIDENT RETURN TO THE CLASSROOM The spread of the novel Coronavirus pushed classrooms and offices into a virtual setting as people around the world locked down to mitigate its effect on communities. As standard school breaks come to a close and…

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Lara + Lauren

Image Flooring on the Rise: 2020 Promotions

IMAGE FLOORING 2020 PROMOTIONS In a recent press release, Image Flooring and Scott Rice officially announced the promotion of Lara Rassette and Lauren Fleischer. Lara Rassette has been appointed General Manager of Image Flooring and will oversee all aspects of business. Lauren Fleischer has been appointed Vice President of Sales and will lead the sales and marketing strategy…

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The Future Of Learning

THE FUTURE OF LEARNING It’s difficult to know what the future looks like, post-pandemic. What we do know is that right now, we need to focus on keeping our children, teachers, and support staff at the schools safe. In order to move forward, children need to be with their peers and need to be back…

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Be Well 20/20: Nourishment Community Garden

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | 18 Broadway Gardens 18 BROADWAY GARDENS Food is a necessity for any living being.  A diet filled with nutrient rich food contributes to good health, and good health leads to improved wellbeing.  Having access to healthy foods isn’t always easily available.  Many individuals and families may…

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Be Well 20/20: Water Steelcase Sustainable Practices

STEELCASE SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES  As a global leader of researching and understanding the use and effectiveness of workplace environments, it’s not surprising Steelcase is also a leader in sustainable and clean practices within their manufacturing facilities.  Scott Rice reached out to our Steelcase team member, Gail Youngman (Steelcase Wood Sales Consultant) to share more about the…

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Be Well 20/20: Water Supply Chain Transformation By Interface

SUPPLY CHAIN TRANSFORMATION WITH ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL BENEFIT BY INTERFACE Water is the lifeblood of our planet and we have a responsibility to care for it. While water often inspires our biophilic product design in carpet tile styles like Ice Breaker and Net Effect, Interface is also drawn to ways to make a larger positive environmental…

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