Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Carnegie Xorel


“We have admired Xorel and all of its incredible attributes long before we became the representatives for Carnegie.” shares Kristin Goodman.  “The unique design, durability and multi-use aspect of the product, along with the hundreds of standard options has always made Xorel a product that was in a category of its own for Panel and Wallcovering.”
Goodman, the co-founder of Goodlines, a leading open-line rep group in Kansas City, shares her view point on one of her cherished lines, Carnegie and its star product, Xorel.

The environmental story of how the fiber is made from a sugar cane plant as well as the Father and Son relationship of the founder of Carnegie and his son is a special one.

The Goldman Family started Carnegie. At the time Xorel was created, over 30 years ago, the only wallcovering at the time was paper. Mr. Goldman wanted to create a high-performance fabric that would be very durable applied to the wall. He also wanted there to be an environmental story – even way back then!

Over the many years Xorel has always been a go to for Designers. Especially when a designer wants to use a white panel or wallcovering. Because nothing “sticks” to Xorel you can actually use white in high traffic areas.

Last year came the long awaited  introduction of Xorel Knit for upholstery. This knit construction allows you to use the same Xorel fiber on almost any upholstered piece. Then last month Xorel MATTE launched which looks like a natural fiber on the wall. The response to both has been incredible.

We feel very fortunate to represent Carnegie. The people that we work with there are incredible and have become like family. Carnegie is the whole package, great people, product and service.

Special thank you to Kristin Goodman for her contribution to our Be Well 20/20 Look Book! For more information on Xorel, contact Kristin Goodman.


Kristin Goodman, Principal, Goodlines








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