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Scott Rice is comprised of a collective of companies who support a breadth of services for any interior environment.  Our collective is focused on providing top quality products, supportive services and market knowledge for every client.   One of our priorities is to help provide services and products that help promote a healthy environment.  We asked Jim Wilkinson, VP of Image Flooring, to share his team’s dedication to infection control services in the healthcare market.

Understanding the role contractors play in the spread of infection during construction is very important to stopping contamination from spreading in any construction environment.  Infection control in the healthcare environment during construction continues to be get an enormous amount of attention from the healthcare industry.   The Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology APIC is a leader in educating and supporting the role of Infection Preventionists.  They also educate the industry on the role that everyone can play in reducing infection. Well trained and certified workers play a significant role in a solid infection control plan and the overall well being of a building.   From building containment areas, creating negative air pressure, anterooms, following proper infection protocols for PPE and controlling exposure, well trained workers can have a significant impact on the success of an Infection Control plan during construction.

The attached article from Construction Business Owner magazine provides an excellent summary of the value that providing a trained workforce will have to help with infection control and the overall well being of your facility.

“3 Reasons You Should Hire Trained and Certified Floor Covering Installers”

The Scott Rice Collective companies have multiple installers trained and certified in Infection Control Risk Assessment ICRA as recognized by APIC.

Written by Jim Wilkinson, Vice President, Image Flooring

Jim is the Vice President of Image Flooring.  He graduated from the University of Kansas with an Architecture Degree and has been in the flooring industry for over 25 years.  Jim began Image Flooring in 2000 as an independent company and then teamed with Scott Rice Office Works in 2004. Jim has been an incremental part in creating our “back to the office” strategy in the post-COVD work environment. 

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