Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Plant & Pot Pairings


Pothos, Sansevieria , Zamioculcas zamiifoli, OH MY!!

Plants are sprouting up everywhere. It’s common to see beautiful planters in the lobby of an office building, or personal pots carefully positioned on a co-worker’s desk. If you talk to most plant owners, it all started with one little green friend, then quickly bloomed into a jungle-y hobby. It’s often perceived that caring for plants is intimidating or complicated. How often should the plant be watered? Does it prefer to be misted or drenched?  How much sun does it require? Don’t let these uncertainties prevent you from enjoying the next plant gifted to you by a friend or integrating them in a workplace environment.

Including our leafy friends in any space, whether at home or the office, has many benefits. Research shows indoor plants can reduce both physiological and psychological stress. Plus, plants are experienced in purifying the circulating air by filtering out everyday pollutants! Below is a list of plants that have two very valuable characteristics:  a) Easy/low maintenance b) Air purifying qualities. We also wanted to share some of our favorite planters to create the perfect pairings for any setting. Plants are great contributors to a space and its users, they deserve to be nestled into an attractive container and celebrated!


These architectural plants, with their thin, upright leaves and green banding (like snake skin),  are perfect for a “first time plant owner”. Snake plants thrive in drier conditions, so no need to stress if you forget to water it one week. Also known as, Sansevieria, these plants are known for their air filtering qualities, eliminating unwanted air born chemicals, so you can breathe easy having this in your home or office.

[Eliminates: benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene]

Pair with..


Nesting, layering, aligning, the Tess Planter is a stunning addition to any interior. Just like it’s leafy pair, Tess expresses architectural form and function, creating endless options for placement and purpose. Nest or layer varying heights and colors creates an eye catching corner.  Align Tess in a row to provide a striking way to divide space.

Why we like this pair..

Joining the vertical orientation of both plant and planter provide a clean and uplifting effect.  It brings life and balance to a space with a bold, sculptural presence.


Aloe plants are an easy to grow, no nonsense type of plant. Keep them close to a sunny window and you’re good to go!  Even watering doesn’t require a lot of thought.  Designate one or two days every month to give your plant a healthy drink. In addition to being low maintenance, Aloe is known for its natural healing abilities. Give yourself a papercut? Recovering from a spring break sunburn? Simply pluck a leaf, crack it open and apply the gel for instant relief.  Also known as, Aloe barbadensis, this attractive plant is perfect for any desk surface, or sunny sill. All around, it provides a win/win situation!

[Eliminates: formaldehyde and benzene. Releases: oxygen]

Pair with…


Flange captures the natural characteristics of a desert landscape. It’s warm terracotta finish emulates the warmth of sun soaked sand. The modern shape and varying sizes offer endless options as the perfect desktop, coffee table or window sill accessory.

Why we like this pair..

Flange can easily hold its own whether you choose to leave it empty or pair it with a plant.  Potting Aloe in this bowl gives the spiky plant a home, reminiscent of its natural habitat.


The ZZ plant’s ability to survive with low maintenance, I mean very low, should be encouraging to any amateur plant owner. As a member of the  succulent family, ZZ plants are known to be tolerant to low light and have the ability to grow with little water. The Zamioculus zamifolia can be identified by its unique laddered leaves, intense colors and bulb-like stems.  Its outstretched leaves are welcoming, like a friend’s open arms, ready for a hug. This hardy plant is a pleasing addition to any office, lobby or living room.

[Eliminates: xylene, toluene, and benzen]

Pair with..


Crepe is a refined yet simplistic element that provides an elegant addition to any space. The combination of broad, smooth plains, with the thoughtful detail of an overlapping edge, gives Crepe a confident essence. Placement of this planter can bring height to a space or enhance a circulation path.

Why we like this pair…

This duo together expresses a level of refinement that’s not too stuffy.  ZZ’s uniformed appearance compliments the simplicity of Crepe.  Try grouping together varying sizes of Crepe, with a mixture of ZZ plants along with other leafy friends.  Magnificent!


Ferns have been popular house plants for decades.  With their desire for bright, but indirect light, they can thrive in most interior spaces. Their grandly waving leaves make any space feel more elegant. Ferns are versatile when it comes to how you display them. They look great in a floor pot, elevated on a pedestal or hanging up high. This feathery botanical has years of experience on survival, 300 million years, that is. We call that epic.

[Eliminates: Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene]

Pair with…


Plot is the ultimate floor planter for any space. The pedestal base gives a basic round vase a ‘sexy leg’ look. There is a variety of modern colors, including, tomato red, marine blue, oblivion black or pure white. Create a bold color-blocking configuration or playful assortment of colors to accessorize a conference room, private office or lobby.

Why we like this pair..

Ferns are playful plants, springing out here and there. Pairing the Boston Fern and Plot Planter, creates a great juxtaposition between modern and traditional. No matter how unruly the fronds become, the Plot will keep it looking polished.


This large-leaf plant is perfect for the indoors, either in your home or at the office. Have a desired location for a plant that is out of range of the sun’s light? Don’t fret, the Aglaonema best thrives when not directly placed near a sunny window. Commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen, this plant enjoys being watered, so you’ll need to remember to keep it hydrated. When properly cared for, you’ll be rewarded with a long lasting, attractive, and full-foliage plant.

[Eliminates: Formaldehyde, Benzene]

Pair with…


Haven is a beautifully woven, oversized vase, that can easily be classified as “artistic eye candy”. Need to make a statement? This is your case [period].

Why we like this pair..

Joining these two together make for an ethereal match. Place this sculptural piece center stage, in a vast space, and let it shine.  No room for wallflowers here!


This unique, tropical plant prefers more light, than not, along with a regular watering. Although, the Rubber Leaf Tree tends to be the most selective on where it’s located, this plant is worth the extra attention to placement. Originally from the warm climate of Southeast Asia, Ficus Elastica has a distinctly identifying characteristic, large, wax-like leaves. With its deep, two-toned colors, the Rubber Tree adds a dramatic, yet appealing, aesthetic to its surroundings.

[Eliminates: Formaldehyde and carbon dioxide] 

Pair with…


Roo is one of a kind. This leggy planter stand enjoys making a statement and doesn’t shy away from the attention. No introductions needed.

Why we like this pair..

This combination unites a unique plant with a unique planter.  There’s nothing plain or subtle about it.  Cue the dramatics!


This well-known “office plant” is a no brainer for bringing life to any space. Don’t be discouraged by its commonality, the Philodendron has a breadth of beautiful varietals that will enhance any space. Pothos plants are very generous and will continue to give back to its caregivers. They are an easy plant to propagate and before you know it, you’ll have leafy green vines, sprawled out across your space. In addition to having your own indoor tropical forest, know that every stretching inch  is cleaning the air around it.

[Eliminates: Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene, Benzene, Carbon Monoxide]

Pair with…


Whether suspended from a ceiling or elevated by a slim pedestal base, Green Cloud lives up to its name. This beautiful planter simulates an act of floating. Plants are often grounded and help anchor a space, but it’s also natural to experience plants at eye level, or hovering over us like a canopy of trees.

Why we like this pair..

What’s more magical than green leafy clouds, floating around your workspace? It’s a no-brainer, pairing the Cloud with cascading Pothos vines.



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