Scott Rice is excited to announce our recent partnership with NorvaNivel, a furniture manufacturer that originated in Australia and specializes in K-12 classroom products. NorvaNivel has a unique and inventive approach to classroom product design and works closely with forward-thinking educators around the world to reimagine the classroom setting in a way that truly engages students. In a NorvaNivel classroom, students are not punished for standing or laying down in class. In fact, students are encouraged to move, be comfortable, and engage with their environment. Imagine having the option to stand on a Wobble Board, perch on a stack of foam Gen-Ga blocks, or lay down on a Crash Matt while learning and working. It makes for a completely different, and more effective, classroom experience.

Although the company originated in Australia, NorvaNivel recently opened a factory and North American headquarters in Plano, Texas, so all of their products are manufactured locally. All of NorvaNivel’s products are engineered to be lightweight, yet durable, so the pieces can easily be moved and reconfigured by young students. Every product is designed with intention and addresses specific needs that educators have identified in their classrooms. Many of the products are designed to serve multiple purposes, which allows for less furniture and more movement in the classroom.

The Scott Rice team recently participated in a training event where NorvaNivel co-owner and native Aussie, David Grunseit, led the group through the entire product offering and shared great insights about the “why” and “how” behind NorvaNivel’s products. The training was as fun as their product line and involved a lot of tossing around of pieces (to demonstrate their lightness!), quizzing David on Metric vs. Imperial measurement conversions, and building seating arrangements with Gen-Ga pieces. Scott Rice now has a great inventory of NorvaNivel demo products, so don’t hesitate to visit our Work/Life Center to experience them for yourself!

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