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5 Trends Shaping the Future of Behavioral Health Design

A revolution is underway in the field of behavioral health, uniting architects, interior designers, administrators and end-users with a common…

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Welcome Employees with a Revamped Office Design 

Embracing the post-pandemic world calls for businesses to adapt. Many companies are now implementing hybrid work arrangements to give employees…

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Case Study: Government Office Redesign

ABOUT Scott Rice Office Works has forged a partnership with a crucial Government Agency dedicated to facilitating domestic and international…

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Unleashing Creativity in the Office: How Innovative Workspaces Boost Productivity

The truth is: employees are fed up. They don’t want to work in uninspiring spaces that lack inspiration. Productivity and…

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Limited Office Space? Make the Most of It with Performance-Enhancing Layouts

Crafting an office layout transcends aesthetics; it’s a pivotal factor that profoundly influences a corporation’s ethos and productivity. Flourishing within…

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Miranda Walz Presents at the CET Conference in Orlando!

I was lucky enough to get asked to present at the 2019 CET Experience Conference in Orlando, FL in October.…

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Open Plan. It’s a Change.

The design process often takes interesting directions throughout the course of a project. After projects are complete, it is insightful…

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Grand Valley State University Mary Idema Pew Library Visit by Staci Chivetta

The first week in September, I had the opportunity to take clients to Grand Rapids to share Steelcase Education Insights…

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