The truth is: employees are fed up. They don’t want to work in uninspiring spaces that lack inspiration. Productivity and creativity go hand in hand in the modern workplace. Post-pandemic, employers are realizing that a boring office with blank walls and tight cubicles won’t cut it. By shifting towards unique and innovative workspaces, businesses can empower their employees to create beyond what is expected. That’s the key to modern business growth. 

The principles of designing a productive workspace 

 The key to designing a productive workspace is understanding the needs of your employees and making sure that the environment is collaborative, inspiring and practical at the same time. By revamping the office interior, you can inspire inventiveness. Here are a few ways how:

  • Honor nature: Plants and natural light evoke positive emotions and create a productive and comfortable environment. Greenery and plants have been shown to improve air quality, reduce stress and create a more pleasant work environment. Plus, being surrounded by nature can spark inspiration and ideas. 
  • Connect the team: Collaborative spaces like open workspaces, inviting lounges and breakout areas promote a relaxed atmosphere. Break down walls and cubicles and create open spaces that encourage communication. 
  • Add color: Paint your walls with bright, bold colors to get those creative juices flowing. Did you know that certain colors can actually stimulate creativity? Yellow is associated with optimism and positivity, while blue is said to be calming and promote focus. 
  • Get quirky: Instead of boring office chairs and desks, consider adding fun and funky pieces that will make your employees feel excited to come to work. A hanging chair, bean bag chairs or unique desks can make your workplace stand out.
  • Think function: Make your space multi-functional by having a breakout area or a place to relax in the office that will encourage employees to take breaks and recharge. This can lead to more productive work and fresh ideas.

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How does creativity impact productivity? 

With productivity increasing by 20-25% when employees are engaged, it’s more important than ever to increase employee engagement and collaboration in the modern workplace. This fosters creativity, benefiting employees in diverse ways.

1. Enhances the ability to problem-solve, innovate and think outside the box 

Creativity is like a superpower when it comes to problem-solving. When employees are encouraged to think creatively, they become more adept at finding unique solutions to challenges that might have seemed insurmountable before. By exploring unconventional approaches and thinking outside the box, teams can come up with groundbreaking ideas that take the company to new heights. 

2. Allows people to do more with less and leverage resources effectively, which positively impacts efficiency and effectiveness 

A creative mindset can lead to resourcefulness, enabling employees to do more with limited resources. When faced with constraints, creative individuals find ways to optimize and maximize what they have, ultimately improving efficiency and effectiveness. This ability to stretch resources can lead to cost savings and better allocation of time and effort. 

3. When employees feel creative and inspired, they are more likely to come up with solutions that will drive business growth 

Employees who feel encouraged to express their creativity are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and committed to their work. A sense of inspiration and enthusiasm fuels their desire to contribute to the organization’s success. As a result, they become proactive problem-solvers, constantly seeking ways to innovate and improve their work processes. 

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How to design a workspace for creativity 

Designing a workspace that promotes creativity requires careful consideration of the office layout, lighting, color and furniture. These three steps can get you there: 

  1. First, office design should incorporate areas that specifically foster innovation, like brainstorming rooms or communal spaces that encourage collaborations. 
  2. Second, avoid dull, monotonous colors and incorporate bright, vibrant hues like blue or green to inspire creativity. Having natural light and the use of plants is helpful. 
  3. Lastly, flexible furniture that fosters a sense of comfort can help people feel more at home in the office and more willing to embrace their inner creativity. 

Other ways creativity around the office benefits employees 

Having a creative workspace can do wonders for employees. It’s not just about getting more work done; it’s about boosting their morale and overall well-being. When you create an exciting and well-designed environment, you’re giving your team the freedom to embrace their creative side and feel more satisfied with their work. 

Creativity isn’t just about interesting art projects; it’s about fostering growth and learning, helping your employees adapt to new challenges with ease. By embracing it, employers are not just investing in productivity, they are investing in the overall success of the business. 

Need some help designing a creative space?

Are you looking to revitalize your workspace but not sure where to begin? You don’t have to tackle it all by yourself. At Scott Rice, we understand that interior design is more than just making things look pretty. It’s all about crafting a space that aligns perfectly with your business goals. 

From start to finish, we’re all about creating an atmosphere that not only has purpose but also feels like a true reflection of your organization. We want your space to be genuine, embracing your culture, and becoming a cornerstone of your community. So, let’s get creative together and envision a space that’s uniquely yours, making a lasting impact on everyone who steps through your doors. Contact us to get started! 


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