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Privacy + Openness: it's about balance

A recent Wall Street Journal article showcased the tension for executives between the desire for openness and transparency and the need for privacy. Executives, including Steelcase CEO Jim Keane, are seeking to promote creativity and collaboration while still finding ways to focus and seek respite during parts of the day. These needs are shaping new ways of working and new kinds of leadership spaces. But, the conversation doesn’t stop there. The article sparked dozens of comments, some people asking why only leaders should be afforded the opportunity to get away from the distractions of the open plan?

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Privacy Ideabook

Today’s highest-performing, most appealing and relevant workplaces are designed in new ways to provide an effective balance between open areas for collaboration and privacy spaces for focus and rejuvenation. The result is optimally utilized real estate that positively reflects an organizations values and brand, strengthens employees’ engagement and helps build a cohesive culture.

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casper cloaking technology

There’s a tension in many workplaces today. Organizations want transparent, collaborative environments. Leaders want to be visible stewards of their company culture. But, there are times when information just has to stay private. Large-scale monitor displays help teams work together. But, glass walled meeting rooms could display sensitive data to people passing nearby. Is the only solution to pull blinds and shut doors? We don’t think so.

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Case Studies

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quicken loans

Quicken loans makes Opportunity in Detroit. In August 2010, Quicken Loans moved its headquarters from the suburb of Livonia to the heart of Detroit’s struggling business district. Its family of companies’ downtown campus now spans seven buildings. In the center is Detroit’s historic Campus Martius park, which Quicken Loans equipped with wifi for team members to work outside.

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