Steelcase Warranty


You Can Depend On Us. Our Products. Our Services. Our People. The Steelcase warranty is the strongest warranty in the industry…that you may never need!

Steelcase Inc. (“Steelcase”) warrants that Steelcase®, Coalesse®, and Turnstone® brand products (collectively, “Steelcase Branded Products”) are free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product, except as set forth below. This warranty applies to Steelcase Branded Products delivered in Americas: United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. The warranty is valid from the date of delivery, regardless of shift usage, to the original End User and is non-transferable. Steelcase will repair or replace with comparable product, at its option and free of charge (for materials and components) any product, part or component which fails under normal use. If repair or replacement is not commercially practicable, Steelcase will provide a refund or credit for the affected product. End User means the final purchaser acquiring a product from Steelcase or a Steelcase Authorized Reseller for the purchaser’s own use and not for resale, remarketing or distribution.

Americas Limited Lifetime Warranty