As a toddler I lived in Lenexa, KS, in my grandparents’ house while they were in Turkey. My grandfather was an engineer there, to build the pipeline.

When I came out of college I worked and lived in Lenexa again, now I’m back in Lenexa at Scott Rice, so it kind of feels like coming home.

My boyfriend Bob, is retired, but fills his time driving for Uber, which he loves!  He likes to meet new
people and drive.  Win/Win. He has 3 children and 7 grandkids, so, they keep us busy!

I have one son who married a wonderful girl and gave me a beautiful, funny granddaughter, Annabella, who is 8 and just started 3rd grade.  They live in Tennessee, near Nashville now, so I travel to be with them every chance I get!

As a young girl I thought I’d be a nurse, trust me I administered plenty of candy pills along my way, but
that was until I started playing with paper, pencils, and paperclips.  I was sold.  Office work was for me.  I’ve been working in small construction type offices, two to be exact, my entire working life, and love the process starts to finish.

Thirty years ago, I became involved in an organization called National Assn of Women in Construction.
I spent a lot of time during work hours and afterward dedicating myself to its causes.   We supported women in construction and helped develop programs to guide kids, grade 1 -12 into the construction industry.

Not only was it rewarding but it was a very confidence building process for a young girl starting out in
a male dominated field.  It continues to be a part of my life but more in a mentoring capacity.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL and hang out with family and friends.

I’m happy to be a part of the Scott Rice family and I look forward to learning new things!

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