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As the work environment continues to become more and more technology, research has shown that we are exposed to more information than ever before.  So much, in fact, that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to focus.  Our brains are exhausted and overwhelmed.  Neuroscience suggests that by incorporating mindfulness into daily life and using thoughtfully designed workplaces, we are able to think better.
Last month, Steelcase and Scott Rice teamed up to host an interactive experience and CEU called “THINK BETTER”.  The event offered a hands-on experience, identifying the latest neuroscience discoveries regarding our brains at work.  Three different zones were set up, including an activity and several questions participants answered to, which deepened each person’s understanding of how their brains function through Focus, Regeneration and Activation.
Focus Zone: Demonstrated the importance of avoiding unwelcome distractions while deeply focusing on a task
Regenerate + Inspire Zone: Demonstrates how our brains need to rest.  Whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee, socializing with a co-worker or doodling on a piece of paper.
Activate Zone: Expounds on the idea that movement boosts attention by pumping oxygen and fresh blood through the brain, enhancing not only the physical and emotional state, but also cognition.
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 Our event was kicked off with a mindful presentation by guest speaker, Rick Mohr of Steelcase’s Advance Solutions Team.  Rick’s focus is engaging in strategic solutions around issues specific to people, space, technology, culture and brand.
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It was a successful event, providing participants with the mindful experience to tools to Think Better in their day to day lives.

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