Hi friends, it’s Rachel Hewitt, Market Development lead for the Real Estate Community. I have a special invitation for you – but first, I need to share the story of what got us here in the first place…

It is March 2022. Preparing to enter a third (wait, say that again?!) year of the Covid-19 pandemic brings lots of mixed feelings…and even more questions – when will this ever go away? How much longer will we be practicing our social distancing? Will life as we knew it in the “before times” ever return? 

If life in this pandemic has proved anything, it’s that nobody can predict the future. As our political leaders and economic experts grapple with predictions of highs and lows, supply chain constraint and record inflation, there is one certainty: change is inevitable. And not the normal kind of change; we’re not swapping brights for neutrals or opting for the salad instead of the steak and potatoes. 

We’re entering a new world, where we need to get comfy with changing our habits – for good. We need to continuously practice the art of adaptation. Become experts in pivoting. We need to be flexible. We need to learn how to harness change to move forward. So let’s start rethinking. Everything.

Introducing (RE)WORK, a digital content series from my team to yours, covering the current challenges (and solutions!) surrounding corporate real estate and workplace design in Kansas City. Throughout 2022 we will be gathering guidance from local market leaders across the building industry community, synthesizing specialized workplace research, sharing best practices from our building partners and end user clients who are getting it right, and showcasing real, actionable ways to solve the problems at hand for the continued growth of our business community and CRE landscape.

Our next issue will drop in June, covering the state of our office inventory, the flight to quality, and strategies for amenitizing the office in new ways. (Because let’s be real, pizza Fridays isn’t really cutting it on getting anyone to return to the office anymore). Have some thoughts to share? Reach out to me for a chat and a possible feature!  

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ABOUT RACHEL: Rachel has supported the design-build industry in Kansas City since 2015. Throughout her career she has cultivated a strong understanding of the dynamics of real estate development and project deal flow, particularly in positioning resources and connections that create strong teams and improve project performance. Her career history has ranged from commercial interior design and project leadership on a variety of asset types and scales, to client relations, strategic marketing, and business development. This offers her network of industry partners and end user clients alike a substantial benefit in innovative methods and solutions that impact a project’s life cycle and bottom line.

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