A few weeks ago, Steve, Kristin, and I attended the Healthcare Design Conference in Houston. The first day, we met with our Healthcare Community of Practice group. The morning discussion was focused on reimagining the exam experience and designing for mutual participation. This includes seeing the patient holistically and shared decision making/shared risk taking.

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This approach is based on the fact that patients are experts in their own health, while doctors are experts of medicine. We also discussed how to translate healthcare trends into physical spaces and the obstacles we face. Members of our CoP from Loth shared their experiences in hosting their 3rd Healthcare Symposium. We then had a brief update from Steelcase and ended the day discussing the “5 E’s of Experience Design”.

5 E’s of Experience Design:

Entice- trigger interest

Entry- first impression

Engagement- what does the interaction look like?

Exit- final impression

Extension- follow up

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 5.16.35 PM As always, the Expo Hall was full of vendors showing off their latest and greatest products. DesignTex won a Nightingale Award for their Casper Cloaking Film! It’s always great to catch up with our dealer friends from around the country and to hear about the newest happenings in their markets.

Mutual Participation Map

Steelcase Health Booth Floorplan 2

Steelcase Health Booth Floorplan

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