Interiors solutions expert’s dedication to company culture led to a monumental year in 2022, fueling aspirations for continued growth under new leadership. 

KANSAS CITY, MOScott Rice Office Works (Scott Rice), is thrilled to announce the promotion of Ed Wills to the position of CEO of Scott Rice and its sister company Color Art (Color Art) in St. Louis. Wills will assume leadership from Joe Steiner to drive innovation in the field of interior solutions. 

Scott Rice serves Kansas City. As Kansas City’s largest interior solutions provider, it stands as the area’s sole authorized Steelcase dealer. This distinction allows for unrivaled access to cutting-edge research, which grants clients a unique advantage in creating spaces that foster productivity and collaboration. 

With a tenure at Scott Rice dating back to 1984, Wills has made significant strides, culminating in his most recent position as COO. In this role, he successfully bridged the organization’s various brands, eliminating silos that hindered the company’s progress. This commitment to breaking down barriers through improved communication and a shared sense of purpose allowed the teams in St. Louis and Kansas City to collaborate effectively. 

Wills’ culture-centered mindset is evident in his dedication to fostering an environment that employees genuinely aspire to be a part of. “Culture is the key to everything, and I am dedicated to its continuous development,” he said. 

Scott Rice has shown remarkable resilience amid increasing workplace challenges, adapting to remote and hybrid work environments, to achieve its second-best year in 2022. Emphasizing a workplace philosophy aligned with values rather than enforcing a rigid return-to-work policy, Wills fosters an environment that employees genuinely aspire to be a part of. 

According to Steiner, “Every company has a culture. Some are conscious cultures, and some are unconscious cultures. Ed is very conscious of what he and the rest of us in the company want to have, as opposed to simply letting it happen by chance.” 

This leadership transition represents a significant moment for the company, highlighting the meticulous succession planning by the leadership team and board of directors to prioritize a perpetuity model of ownership. 

“We are making sure the next wave of leadership gets the opportunities to learn from their experiences without containing their ambitions. Succession planning is a big deal for us. Because if you don’t plan it, it happens without you,” Wills said. 

As a well-established furniture dealer of over 77 years, Scott Rice has made it their mission to not only stay relevant in the market but to diversify capabilities and services. As a result, the company has expanded its verticals to allow the organization to stay agile in the industry and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. 

“Everything we do is to try to be a great advocate for our clients. We try to be client-centric and deliver beyond their expectations, even in areas they may not yet realize they need assistance with,” Wills said. 

Scott Rice is excited to embark on this new chapter with Wills at the helm. With his visionary leadership, the company is poised to continue its mission of transforming spaces and empowering organizations to maximize their potential. 

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About Color Art  

Color Art is St. Louis’ largest interior solutions provider — and the area’s only authorized Steelcase dealer. We have the practical experience and access to research that gives our clients a unique advantage. We are committed to putting our knowledge to work and helping organizations create the best places for people to do their best work. Learn more at 

About Scott Rice Office Works 

At Scott Rice Office Works, we believe that good interior design is more than just aesthetics. It’s about creating an environment that supports your business goals. From concept to keys, our spaces are curated to create both a sense of purpose and a sense of place. We’ll help you envision a space that’s authentic to your organization, aligned with your culture, and foundational to your community. Learn more at 

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