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Friday, August 5th was the 8th annual Boulevard of Dreams event put on by a group of passionate friends who joined together in 2009 to make a difference in their local community. Hosted at Studio Dan Meiners in the crossroads of Kansas City which created a wonderful backdrop to socialize & nosh on the city’s local fare while raising money through silent and live auctions, including a blind wine room where attendees could pay $20, all proceeds donated to the charity, for 3 mystery bottles of wine.

This later became a bartering event amongst guests who prefer dry to sweet wines and vice versa. After a few hours of mingling and enjoyment of food and refreshments, the main event began. This included a touching presentation of the struggles local children go though every day just to survive. Through donations and fund raising the Local Dream Factory children were then surprised with their dream experiences including trips to Disney World or to California to see Ellen Degeneres and special scholarships were also presented. As usual, this event was quite the social gathering and one of the most rewarding experiences one might have all year!

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