Scott Rice Case Study Bishop Ward HERO

Case Study: Bishop Ward High School’s Library Design Upgrade with Scott Rice Furniture Enhances Learning Environment

ABOUT: Bishop Ward High School Library Design Established in 1908, Bishop Ward High School in Kansas City stands as a longstanding private Catholic institution. Renowned for its captivating architecture and rooted in a history tied to the construction of its present building during the Great Depression, the school prioritizes academic excellence, compassion and civic responsibility.…

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lecture hall furnished by Scott Rice Office Works

Revolutionizing Education: Innovative Design for 21st Century Learning Environments

By: Danelle Marsden, Ed. D, Director of Business Development  Throughout my 29-year journey as a Missouri educator, I’ve championed evidence-based practices, crafted flexible learning spaces and fostered meaningful collaborations with students, staff, parents and partners. Now, as Director of Business Development at Scott Rice Office Works, I’m taking this journey to the next level, infusing…

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reception layout example scott rice design

How Does the Layout of Your Reception Area Impact Business?

Businesses take note. Your reception area is more than just a physical space. It’s a narrative, a reflection of your values and an inspiring prelude to the remarkable journey that your company promises. The reception space serves as an ambassador for your principles, extending warmth to both visitors and employees alike. A well-designed area not…

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Welcome Employees with a Revamped Office Design 

Embracing the post-pandemic world calls for businesses to adapt. Many companies are now implementing hybrid work arrangements to give employees the freedom to work both remotely and in person. But how can you create an office environment that entices them to come in? Let’s discover the top design trends that will transform your workspace into…

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collaboration interior design area

Case Study: Government Office Redesign

ABOUT Scott Rice Office Works has forged a partnership with a crucial Government Agency dedicated to facilitating domestic and international marketing opportunities for American producers of food, fiber and specialty crops. This Agency is committed to establishing avenues that empower U.S. producers to access wider markets and connect with consumers worldwide. It actively supports and…

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creative working space design scott rice

Unleashing Creativity in the Office: How Innovative Workspaces Boost Productivity

The truth is: employees are fed up. They don’t want to work in uninspiring spaces that lack inspiration. Productivity and creativity go hand in hand in the modern workplace. Post-pandemic, employers are realizing that a boring office with blank walls and tight cubicles won’t cut it. By shifting towards unique and innovative workspaces, businesses can…

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Small Storage Ideas for a Small Workplace

In the pursuit of productivity, organized areas reign supreme. After all, clutter has a way of obstructing our ability to think clearly and unleash our creative potential. That’s why cultivating a tidy workspace becomes a true ally for any business professional. However, this can be a challenge when working with limited space. To help you…

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Limited Office Space? Make the Most of It with Performance-Enhancing Layouts

Crafting an office layout transcends aesthetics; it’s a pivotal factor that profoundly influences a corporation’s ethos and productivity. Flourishing within a corporate environment, effective office design seamlessly marries functionality with ingenuity, culminating in a workspace that not only streamlines employee workflows but also resonates with the company’s brand and principles. The challenge becomes more intricate…

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Be Well 20/20: Movement Helix Fitness Challenge

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Movement Helix Fitness Challenge Helix ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN FINDS WAYS TO KEEP SPIRITS HIGH THROUGH A FITNESS CHALLENGE As organizations across the country have settled into their new normal in the midst of COVID-19 and stay-at-home mandates, they have also been figuring out new ways to…

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Be Well 20/20: Movement Chair Yoga

Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Movement Chair Yoga reducing stress & improving focus with Chair yoga Yoga pairs movement with breath, maximizing the physical and mental benefits. More than just an exercise, many aspects of yoga can be incorporated into our daily lives – even our work routines.The following poses will…

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