Tell us a little bit about yourself:   I grew up just outside of the small town of Appleton City , Missouri, which is about 80 miles southeast of here. I now live in Lee’s Summit , Missouri. I am married and have two sons Zach ,21, and Connor, 17. My wife Jennifer is an R.N. and works at Lee’s Summit Medical Center. I have worked at Scott Rice / FMSG for
almost 20 years.
What is your role at SR?  I am an installer/ supervisor.
Before working here , what was the most interesting job you held?   I worked at a video production company for a while doing various jobs. I got to travel some and meet some interesting people.
Hobbies/ interests outside of work?  I like the outdoors . I like to fish and hunt.

 Favorite movie/book?  My favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan or Die Hard. Favorite book is The Stand by Stephen King.

 Hidden talents?   I don’t know if I have any, but I do usually do well in most trivia games.
What is your most treasured possession?   I guess I would have to say my family.
What did you want to be when you grew up? We lived on a small farm and had several different kinds of animals, I thought I might want to be a Veterinarian until I learned how long you had to go to school.
What’s your favorite thing about your job?   I like the variety of the projects and the fact that I don’t work in the same place all the time.
What is one thing you couldn’t live without?   I’d hate to have to go without my morning coffee.

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