SR COLLECTIVE: 2100 Central Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Scott Rice has created an authentic and inspiring workspace thoughtfully curated for emotional connection. As a co-working showroom in the lower level of the Creamery Building in the booming Crossroads area of downtown Kansas City, the space offers meaningful places to work—places that feel good but also perform. Featuring six office suites, a large co-working area, meeting rooms, common areas, privacy nooks and a shared work cafe, the lower level has been transformed from a simple basement to a true poster child for the latest in flexible office space. The lower level of this building truly showcases that marriage of history and progress by melding modern touches with exposed concrete and brick, giving the space some characteristic Crossroads charm while also serving as a functional and aesthetically pleasing work environment. Employees want meaningful places to work, places that feel good and also perform. This cultural shift is redefining environments in the workplace; creating more human-centered experiences that enrich the emotional, cognitive and physical being of people. SR Collective has become a destination where people want to work. Providing people freedom to choose where and how they perform. Where you’re able to work alone or together, with access to everything you need to actually get work done.

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