AMC THEATRE HEADQUARTERS: 11500 Ash Street, Leawood, Kansas 66211

AMC’s headquarters serve as a catalyst for corporate cultural change, providing open spaces that are fun, inspiring, sustainable, and worthy of a best in class entertainment retailer.

AMC’s Theatre Support Center houses 500+ associates in 116,000 RSF. Departments were put together using Steelcase’s c:scape modular office workstations, both providing built-in storage and lending the departments an open-concept feel.

AMC chose to work with Scott Rice Office Works because, more than simply providing and delivering this furniture & equipment, Scott Rice offered service divisions for everything from interior construction and flooring to furniture and facilities management. “Our decision to go with Scott Rice had a lot to do with their long-term service and convenience that would continue long after we’d made purchases,” said Mattoon.

Since AMC’s new space doesn’t have traditional ceilings, privacy/work walls served the double function of creating smaller meeting spaces and showcasing current or ongoing projects. “It’s improved our speed to market because everybody knows what everyone else is doing,“ said Mattoon. “From there, work is noticed, which makes people happier and feel more accountable, which in turn makes them want to do an even better job. It’s a wonderful cycle.”

Not only did AMC’s new Support Center eliminate nearly 80 closed-door offices, but the company added exciting amenities that helped co-workers create stronger bonds. A large cafeteria with an expansive kitchen and open-air balcony and fire pit encourages large group lunches. Many teams hold meetings on the patio in warmer months.

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