Specified Product - lounge

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Bob Lounge

A crafted beauty. With flared arms, a matte polished aluminum base, and a coordinating ottoman, Bob Lounge is well-suited to any professional space. A business-like attitude with a warm embrace.

Bob Lounge by Coalesse

Sebastobpol Occasional Tables

Simple yet engaging. Solid yet open. Both surface and storage. Sebastopol moves easily and invites interaction. Pull it closer to make it your own. Push several together to create a generous centerpiece for groups. The surprising interior gloss either contrasts or converges with your exterior veneer choice.

Sebastobpol by Coalesse
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Wrapp Guest Chair

Wrapp Chair combines a snug winged back with a generous contoured seat, inclined slightly for comfort and support. A clean and elegant, fully upholstered chair for a multitude of uses. In leather or fabric, with environmentally friendly trivalent chroming.

Wrapp by Coalesse
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happy lowback lounge

Scott RiceThe Happy lounge chair from designer Roger Persson, has become an iconic design for HighTower. Versatile in it’s styling, Happy can be playful or more corporate, depending on the use of solid textiles, patterns or leathers. The balance between the small footprint and the inviting angle of the arms makes this chair suitable for all areas. Use it in clusters or by itself with a side table. Happy is available with 3 different bases and as either a highback or lowback lounge chair. So play around with the options to find what makes you Happy!

Happy Lowback by hightower