Task Lights


Dash Task Light

Dash is a high-performance LED task light that’s available with a Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor, which turns the light off when it’s not in use, to avoid unnecessary energy use and extend lamp life.

Dash by Steelcase

Vamp Task Light

Flicker-free, energy-saving, economical lighting, Touch-free dimmer switch with memory button to recall last setting, Flexible neck to allow for personal adjustments, Reduced glare filter makes viewing electronics easier and may help to lessen eye strain and more!

Vamp by Safeco

Monitor Arms

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 4.36.01 PM

Single CF Series Evolution Monitor Arm

As workers continue to spend more time on screens, organizations need simple, dependable support solutions to encourage individual wellbeing and productive screen usage. With a streamlined design, CF Series Evolution simplifies monitor arms and creates a clean aesthetic, without sacrificing performance. CF Series Evolution technology applies constant force to ensure seamless movement across the arm’s complete range of motion, so workers can adjust screens to best meet their needs with the touch of a finger.

CF Series Evolution by Steelcase
CF Modular Triple front

CF Series Modular Monitor Arm

Workers spend upward of seven hours each day viewing screens. As mobile devices continue to evolve and shrink, it’s challenging to find ergonomic viewing solutions that suit everyone. CF Series monitor arms enhance wellbeing and increase productivity by elevating up to six monitors, offering flexible supports for laptops and tablets, and giving workers choice and control over how they work.

CF Series Modular by Steelcase