SR REfreshYes, Scott Rice is known for furniture but did you know that there is a broad list of other services and products that can assist to RE:FRESH any interior space?

Scott Rice and its integrated companies: CIC, Image Flooring and FMSG self-perform and manage our work internally, making it easy for our clients, the A & D community, and general contractors to count on one contact for all of their needs.   Some of the perks include: 

  • A full menu of services and products to choose from

  • Internal coordination, management and scheduling

  • High quality products including flooring, artwork, signage, MechoShades and Steelcase Privacy Wall

  • Specific knowledge of our products to assist with finish selections, specifications and detailing.

  • Construction services including framing, drywall, painting and ceilings

  • Our work is self performed by experienced and skilled installers and contractors

We tailor to the specific needs of any project whether it is a single menu item or a full tenant finish as with our recently remodeled showroom.

One stop, one contact, and all under one roof.  We call this integrated service Scott Rice RE:FRESH. 

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  1. What is the fabric on the Joel Chair?


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