Congratulations, Mike! We are lucky to have you as apart of our team!
Leadership Manhattan is primarily underwritten by the over 90 investors who have made financial commitments to ADVANTAGE Manhattan.

  • Identify potential business and community leaders and motivate them to become part of Leadership Manhattan
  • Provide these leaders with an awareness of the issues and opportunities facing the community
  • Expand and sharpen their leadership skills and techniques
  • Facilitate the ongoing communication and engagement among emerging and established leaders within the community
  • Encourage these trained and informed leaders to increase their involvement in local community affairs by matching skills and interests to existing goals


  • An increasing source of quality leaders for the Manhattan area
  • Access to a quality leadership training program that benefits the participants, their employers, and the community
  • Assistance to potential leaders in their development, matching their skills and interests with the needs of the community
  • An improved communications network among civic, business, social, and educational leaders
  • A leadership base with a broadened perspective to more effectively guide the community into its future

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