Hello everyone! I am Hannah Milks, a graduate design student at Kansas State University. My degree is in Interior Architecture and Product Design. My favorite part of it has been working in the shop designing furniture and specifying furniture in my interiors studios, so I thought Scott Rice would be a great internship for me. Use the camera in your phone to scan the QR codes below to see some of my designs in VR.

While I am here I am most excited to learn about the education market. I have always been passionate about education; in fact, I substitute teach as a part time job when I am in Manhattan. I love knowing that the work I do will greatly impact student and teacher’s lives. Last semester I was able to conduct research on school environments and how designers can make them better for students who have experienced trauma. My mom is a counselor and specializes in trauma, so it was a great opportunity to combine both of our specialties. I love nerding out about my research, so come find me if you are interested in learning how I think design can change the world!

Outside of school I love traveling, cooking, and cuddling my dog. I will go ahead and brag about how cute my dog is now, so I don’t bore you with it later in the office. My boyfriend and I adopted her last year and she has made life better in every single way. She loves to run, take naps, and she will always help you finish eating your french-fries. Her favorite food is ice cream, and somehow she is not overweight despite being ridiculously spoiled. She also has an Instagram @subie.ruby.roo if you are interested in seeing even more photos of her.

Manhattan has been a really great place to experience college. My first year I lived in Marlatt Hall where I met some of closest friends, and my boyfriend. I have been told that k-state is the match.com for my family since my grandparents met at k-state, my parents met at k-state, and my boyfriend I met there. I would literally not exist if it weren’t for k-state, so I’m a pretty big fan. It’s been fun to see my family’s history throughout my college career. I have been able to find my grandpa in an old yearbook, see the house he was living in when he met my grandma and, when my parents dropped me off at the dorms they went to the Dairy Queen where they had their first date. In addition to causing my existence, Manhattan has great food, cool bars, and a dog park my pup loves!

Although I love living in the little apple, KC has always been my home. I grew up in Liberty, MO and graduated from Liberty North high school. A fun fact about me is that I did Tae Kwon Do in high school and am a second degree black belt.

I am super excited to be back in the KC area and working here at Scott Rice. From my very first interview I could tell that the culture in the office is amazing. Everyone has been so welcoming and I feel very lucky to be here with you all. I can’t wait to learn about all the facets of design Scott Rice takes on, and take that knowledge back to k-state to help me finish my last year of school.




See you around,


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