My name is Brenna McKee and I was born and raised in the small farming community of Brewster, KS.  With a population of about 300, only a handful have even heard about this charming little town, but we are located in the northwest corner of the state just off the Mountain-Central time zone change.  My dad is a 2nd generation farmer and my mom is a teacher at the local high school.  I have 1 older brother and 2 younger sisters with all of our names beginning with a “Br” (Braden, Brenna, Brielle & Brylee).  I realize this can get to be a little confusing sometimes, so we often get referred to as the “B’s fromBrewster”. It’s catchy.


I attended Brewster School until the 8th grade, but with a class of only 4 (1 boy & 3 girls), I was missing out on some key opportunities that could be offered to me at a larger school.  This is why I made the decision to step outside of my small comfort zone and transferred to Colby High School.  There, I was able to excel in both academics and athletics participating on the volleyball, basketball, and track team all 4 years and graduating with honors as the class valedictorian.

After graduation and a quick trip to Alaska, I attended Kansas State University to major in their Interior Design program.  I made many unforgettable memories while living in Manhattan, especially trying to survive the many all-nighters associated with studio, but one of my favorite memories was having the chance to play on the Kansas State University Women’s Club Volleyball team.  We travelled around the nation playing other university club teams and ended up 2nd in our division at Nationals.  My time at K-state came to a close this past May with a BS in Interior Design, a minor in Business and Magna Cum Laude honors.

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KState GraduationI currently find myself in enemy territory living in Lawrence, but I think I will soon learn to love my new home, that is, as long as I’m not forced to throw out any of my K-State memorabilia or talk about KU basketball against my free will.  Looking to the future, I have many big plans for myself, including adopting a dog, possibly pursuing a Masters degree, and becoming a house owner, but for now, I enjoy reading, playing volleyball, any outdoor activity, and spending time with friends and family.


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