Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | Circadian Lighting by Mercer Zimmerman


We reached out to our partner, Mercer Zimmerman, to get their input on lighting throughout different environments. Specification Specialist, Ryan Farmer, explains how lighting with the work environment can impact our daily health and happiness.

Lighting has always been a favorite topic for me, and like everyone and everything, 2020 is throwing our industry curveballs and rousing innovations.  There is so much to share; including articles with helpful tips, studies on new technology and info how quality of light can contribute to one’s overall wellbeing.  It was not easy to choose, but I narrowed it to two concepts that should be quite helpful! .  At the very least, these give you an understanding of how a light fixture can be much more than just a source of illumination.


With the shift to remote work, in our homes, many people had to create temporary workspaces.   This could have you at an island in the kitchen, on a sofa, possibly a desk.  Then, we learned quickly that the webcam was an unforgiving necessity.  This wonderful article dives into Lighting 101 to help answer questions about making your area comfortable, plus easy on the eyes (both aesthetically AND for your vision).   Something as simple as the orientation of your workspace to the light sources in your home could have a significant impact on your health – and happiness too!

Wellbeing through supporting our circadian rhythm and how it affects our daily health

When we return to the office or think about creating the next work environment, is our focus on wellbeing?  As we evolve from these abrupt and difficult changes, we recognize the continued trend regarding lighting design focused on our circadian rhythm and how to support, rather than disrupt this natural human functions.

“The intent of circadian lighting design is to work in harmony with our internal clocks, modulating electric sources in symbiosis with the natural lighting cycle.” – Bryan Stacy; Global Lighting Skills Leader

It’s said this can reinforce our connection to the outdoors — something I certainly enjoyed more during the stay at home orders.  It makes me ask the question: why wouldn’t we try to use this in the future of our day-to-day work?

Highlighted links from the article below:

Lighting 101: Get Light Right – Improving Your Home Workspace During COVID-19

Light and Wellness: A Circadian Approach to Lighting Design



Special thanks to Ryan & the Mercer Zimmerman team for their participation in out Be Well 20/20 Lookbook!

For more information, please reach out to Ryan!


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Specification Specialist







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