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After asking employees to work virtually in the early days of the global coronavirus pandemic, many companies want their employees back in the office to increase collaboration. However, it may be tough to convince workers to leave their home offices’ comfort and isolation until they can be assured of a safe work environment. In particular, open office concepts — desks with no dividers and low cubicles — appear less compatible with efforts to keep the coronavirus from spreading. But even in open environments, it’s possible to improve employees’ safety by adding personal protective barriers.

One of the top materials to add protection and maintain an open feel is clear acrylic plexiglass. From cubicle toppers to three-sided desk barriers to rolling, hanging, and standing barriers, acrylic can be fabricated to almost any size and shape. Acrylic is considerably lighter than glass or added panels, making it a more budget-friendly option that’s easier to ship, install, and remove in the future. Plus, it can be cleaned and sanitized regularly with 70% alcohol solutions, which adds to its appeal as a workspace divider.

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, InStore Design Display (IDD) pivoted its focus as a designer and fabricator of domestic plastics for retail displays to personal protective equipment (PPE) and barriers. Our partnership with Scott Rice made it possible to help a number of companies with employees that needed to continue working in the office. With an innovative design team, a stable supply chain for materials, and short lead times, IDD produces budget-friendly solutions to meet a variety of needs for companies interested in making their office space safer for returning employees.

By Shana Ryan, Sr. Account Director, InStore Design Display

Shana Ryan is a senior account director with InStore Design Display (IDD), a design + build firm that partners with brands and retailers to create memorable customer experiences through custom retail displays and environments. IDD’s award winning displays offer outside-the-box creative designs while maintaining desired functionality and staying on budget. Learn more about IDD at

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