SRO Behavioral Health Blog May 2024

Humanizing Behavioral Health Through Design: Scott Rice Symposium Recap

On May 14, 2024, Scott Rice Office Works hosted a groundbreaking symposium titled “Humanizing Behavioral Health Through Design” at our Lenexa Work/Life Center. This transformative event served as a nexus for industry leaders, design visionaries and furniture innovators to converge and reimagine the potential of intentional design in the realm of behavioral health. The symposium…

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Humanizing Behavioral Healthcare Through Collaboration 

In a world that’s starting to pay more attention to mental health, 20% of U.S. adults grapple with these challenges each year – a number on the rise since COVID-19. Fortunately, mental health spaces are transforming to offer better support. Today’s designs focus on making spaces comfortable and empowering, blending aesthetics with recovery. Plus, the market…

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Case Study: Family Service Guidance Center (FSGC)

ABOUT: Family Service Guidance Center (FSGC) The Family Service Guidance Center (FSGC) in Topeka, Kansas provides mental health services to nearly 10,000 children, teens and families from 24 Kansas counties every year. This includes crisis intervention, outpatient therapy and specialized day groups for children. FSGC also partners with schools to assist students in need and…

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5 Trends Shaping the Future of Behavioral Health Design

A revolution is underway in the field of behavioral health, uniting architects, interior designers, administrators and end-users with a common goal of prioritizing mental health well-being. This movement is reshaping the very foundations of how we approach and design environments dedicated to mental health, fostering unprecedented collaboration and innovation. This wave of change goes beyond…

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Human-Centered Innovation: Unveiling 5 Trends from The Healthcare Design Conference

The healthcare industry is on the pulse of design transformation. With numerous organizations vying for attention, new hospitals are emerging and existing ones are undergoing extensive renovations – all to attract the same patients. As healthcare providers tackle the ever-shifting challenges of a rapidly changing landscape, the spotlight shines brighter on thoughtful and innovative design. In…

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