For Parents Working and Teaching at Home

“I will teach tiny humans here or there, I will teach tiny humans everywhere!” – Dr. Seuss

Most of us at Scott Rice can all relate to Dr. Seuss right now. Work around the country has quickly changed for most. For the foreseeable future, work from home is the new normal. Many of our employees at Scott Rice are also parents, who, like you, are navigating this new role of homeschooling while working full time. Like many companies, our email chains have gone from business as usual, to a mix of rescheduled meeting makers and video conferences featuring the occasional dog bark or baby cry.

Sharing Educational Resources for all ages!

With an abundance of resources being sent through our instant message platform, we wanted a way to share this knowledge with our community. Ellyn Linton, our Director of Learning for Education Solutions, has had first-hand experience in the classroom and has gathered some free educational resources for remote learning!  As a former third and fourth grade teacher, here are some tips & tricks she has for navigating this new experience.

“Homeschooling or remote learning is certainly not a new term, but none of us have ever experienced anything quite like this.”

“I would encourage everyone using distance learning to rely on the amazing free resources at your fingertips; reinventing the wheel is not necessary!  Kids will LOVE spending quality time setting up their new learning space and will often do their best work in a place they helped create.  The best learning environments offer plenty of light and sun, multiple modes of flexible seating, various table top options for writing, an offering of crayons, markers, glue, paint and paper!  We have several weeks of remote learning so create this sacred space with your kids!!”

– Ellyn Linton, Scott Rice, Director of Learning for Education Solutions

1. Morning Meeting Pow Wow!

Let your kids talk about a high and low during breakfast or coffee every day to set a routine.  This is a great way to ease into daily structure as a family and is part of the @ResponsiveClass framework so many schools have adopted. Set an intention for your day and share some of your highs and lows!   Ask them to talk about what they are going to accomplish in their new learning space.  Perhaps older kids can write down three goals for the day while younger students can use a visual schedule to track progress.

This brings me to the next step!

2. Create a Schedule.

I have attached a quick homeschooling schedule that you can quickly print and throw into a Ziplock bag for ‘quick’ and ‘free’ lamination and also for your kiddos to check off with a marker as the day goes. Link to schedule here.

3. Technology as a learning tool.

As a former teacher, I know how much time it can take to set up technology and accounts in a classroom.  So much of our day as educators is spent troubleshooting technology only for it to not work!  Take the quality time to create some accounts or even invest with these amazing free resources.  Parents, you will love these sites with or without a COVID – 19 pandemic!  free printables available, or pay for weekly curriculum packets  worth the $10/month – interactive learning site for all subjects and age ranges unlimited reading for kids 12 and under audiobooks – parent resources available celebrities read their favorite books out loud to moving pictures! leveled reading based on lexile range downloadable books and digital books leveled comprehension questions for reading passages best for older kids, current events with comprehension prompts similar to dogo decodable reading for younger or struggling readers ages 2-8 Ages 2-8 kindergarten fun!
Sushi Monster timed math facts game – downloadable on the app store
Grammar Ninja correct grammatical errors on a timer! guess where you are on google maps using a picture and clues!

4. Get Moving

  • GONOODLE! This is a staple in every educator’s classroom along with KAHOOT!  (also worth downloading for some laughs).   Every student will know and Kahoot!  Take Brain Breaks, move seats, get a snack, be silly! | 
  • Kids Yoga |

5. Virtual Field Trips


While we settle into this unsettling time, we can rest assured knowing that we are all in this together and that we are well equipped with accessible resources to make anything work.

“The more that you read, the more that you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss

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