Steelcase and Steelcase dealers have been providing high quality furniture and inspiring spaces to state government and local entities for decades.

As an approved vendor on the Furniture, Office, Library, Ergonomic and Laboratory Statewide Contract, Steelcase is committed to helping organizations be successful. Our contract provides state government agencies and political subdivisions with an extensive selection of furniture and services that will maximize your investment. Steelcase is focused on helping organizations create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring environments to meet the evolving needs of workers, students and educators.

Using an insight-led approach, we design solutions for the many spaces where work and learning happens, from offices to classrooms and libraries to in-between spaces and cafes. We have a passion for understanding how work and learning best take place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help. Steelcase products and services are designed to provide durability and flexibility to handle the demands of the work and learning environments of today and tomorrow.

For information about Steelcase products and services available on the State of Kansas Statewide Contract, contact a Steelcase representative or your local Authorized Steelcase Dealer (see tabs below).

Steelcase and the Environment

To learn more about Steelcase’s environmental vision, please visit Our Perspective on Sustainability.

Recycled content information pertaining to the products offered on the Steelcase State of Kansas Furniture contract is located in the Product Environmental Profile (PEP) for each product. A PEP is a fact-based environmental declaration that communicates the environmental attributes of a product and is created according to the objective standards of the International Standards Organizations (ISO 14021). To learn more about the individual product attributes of Steelcase products, please visit Product Environmental Profiles.

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