Specified Product - lounge


Visalia Lounge

Sculpted and faceted, Visalia Lounge Seating looks good from any angle. A fresh alternative to the tuxedo lounge, its top-stitched upper and lower facets can be upholstered in one material or two, for an attractive contrasting effect.

Visilia Lounge by Coalesse

Visalia lounge - Single

Visalia collection is a short and compact range of lounges, sofas, and soft benches. Efficiently scaled it can be grouped to promote collaboration, or arranged for relaxed reflection in officies, lobbies or homes. Users can touch down, sit back and confer.

Visalia Lounge by Coalesse

Bench and table


Visalia - Bench

As social spaces in offices evolve toward a more residential aesthetic, the sweet spot in seating is lounges that feel crafted and inviting. Visalia hits the sweet spot.

Visalia By Coalesse

Sebastopol Occasional Tables

Simple yet engaging. Solid yet open. Both surface and storage. Sebastopol moves easily and invites interaction. Pull it closer to make it your own. Push several together to create a generous centerpiece for groups. The surprising interior gloss either contrasts or converges with your exterior veneer choice.

Sebastopol by Coalesse