*Cleaning must be scheduled by August 31st, 2016 and completed by September 30th, 2016.

*A cleaning minimum of 10 chairs must be ordered to receive discount. That is a minimum of $80.00 in fabric protection savings!


For any questions, please contact Scott Rice Service Department at FreivprXP%25fpbggevpr%23pbz@no-spam.com

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Fabric protection is recommended on all chairs but is optional. If applied you have 24 hours to report any spills to us so we can clean the spot immediately. User must take appropriate action to help the spill from setting in.

1. Blot dry with clean dry towel (never rub or smear the spot).

2. After you blot the affected area blot again with a moist towel. This helps the any stain from setting in and allows us proper time to arrive to clean it with our extractor.

3. Fabric protection’s effectiveness does fade with time and cleaning and should be applied annually or after 4 cleanings for maximum effectiveness.



Scott Rice Service Department offers cost-effective furniture service and repair solutions with services that include:

Painting, Wood Refinishing, Re-Upholstering, Asset Management Services, Rental, Repair, Cleaning, Glass Tops, Fabric Protection, Furniture Inventories, and Warehousing/Storage. With resources such as these, Scott Rice not only has the ability to enhance your entire organization to a higher level of productivity, but does so from one source.

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Scott Rice Standard Service Rates

Service Labor (Normal Business Hours) $75.00 per hour
Same Day / Emergency $100.00 first hour
After Normal Business Hours $120 per hour
Cleaning Service $80.00 per hour (Approximately 10 Chairs)
Fabric Protection $8.00 per Task Chair / $15.00 for Larger Pieces
Wood Touch Up $90.00 per hour
Upholstery Priced per project

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