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Scott Rice Office Works invites you to join us for a day of dialogue and inspiration focused around Designing Better Learning Experiences.




9:30 am – Check-In

10:00 am – Marisa Sergnese, “The Scaling of Active Learning Environments: Building a Taxonomy of Teaching + Learning Spaces”

Education leaders & school board members continue to navigate numerous challenges to promote student success, faculty development, facilities, and infrastructure. Steelcase Learning offers a targeted collection of sprints that provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to the adoption of environments that support active learning methodologies and thoughtfully curated technology integration. Participants will explore measurement tools to support the ongoing development of spaces in response to critical needs and gaps over time, and refresh spaces as new and evolving trends, norms and upskilling initiatives deem necessary.
Learning Objectives:
  • Develop consensus of an active learning (learner centered learning) vision that may be articulated by all constituents.
  • Identify the type and number of different teaching and learning spaces in their buildings, the activities they accommodate, and the behaviors they nurture.
  • Review, understand and plan to apply the research highlighting 11 factors to effectively scale active learning.
  • Use data-driven metrics to develop a personalized taxonomy of teaching and learning spaces to scale across an institution

11:30 am – Lunch

12:00 pm – David Stubbs, “The Collision of Agile + Messy” 

Our learners need to be problem solvers, critical thinkers and modifiers of their world and it is our responsibility to provide the most seamless and transparent set of tools as they learn to analyze, question, elaborate, refine and evaluate their own ideas… to create and to Innovate. Unfortunately, within the walls of our educational environments we have long permitted brave educators to clutter classroom environments to a point of discomfort negatively affecting the health, safety and potential of its learners. As designers we sometimes continue the delivery of “kitchen cabinets” within classrooms without the knowledge that this antiquated harboring device is simply not suited for today’s set of resources. Sub-sequential responses of simply removing all available cabinetry, shifting the emphasis on wheels, is placing an additional burden on space. In this session, we will discuss the disconnects that permitted us to arrive at this point in time, indicate rules for appropriate systematic solutions, guidelines and recommendations for stuff, as well as the agile movement and housing of these resources that rarely emerge in portfolio imagery.

This past year our knowledge has been heightened to reinforce emerging pedagogical demands of AGILE environments supporting “simple and easy” pivots. We further understand that authentic learning can be quite messy, thus the necessity to recognize the requirements and disconnects of space as it relates to clutter. Teacher testimonials will indicate that decluttering can not only be a systematic approach but one that is fully embedded with agency and inclusion. This presentation will explore fresh, new innovative concepts for all attributes of educational space that support the disconnects when simply delivering storage on wheels. We will explore a variety of designed solutions, themes and “apparent trends” for the kitchen sink replacement within various parts of the county focusing on observed disconnects and hurdles.

1:00 pm – Short Break

1:15 pm – Katelyn Forcucci, Norva Nivel – CEU-110288: From Flexibility to Agility: Facilitating the Path to Learner Agency  CEU CREDIT AVAILABLE

Join us as we dive into understanding:

  • The differences between agility and flexibility in the learning spaces
  • The impact that conducive space can have based on real case studies
  • How to apply agile principles throughout school classrooms and learning environments to achieve desired learner outcomes

2:15 pm – Closing


April 21, 2022
9:30 am - 2:30 pm


Stacy Roth


Northwest Missouri State University – Kansas City Campus
6889 N Oak Trafficway #400
Gladstone, MO 64118 United States
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