• Bryan Newell - Education Solutions

    Bryan is responsible for managing the team and ensuring your requests are followed through and completed to your satisfaction. He has the experience and skills required to successfully support the coordination of furniture design, order, and installation of your project. Bryan will serve as your main point of contact. He will consult with the client team and design team to provide concept development, evaluation, budget and quotation, development of standards and specification, and will provide keyed placement plans.
  • Lance Snodgrass - Education Solutions

    Lance is will be your resource for the latest educational insights and a conduit to thought leaders on the forefront of education trends. As technology continues to advance and shifts in pedagogies emerge, furniture becomes a vital component in agile learning environments. Lance brings a unique insight to how the active learning ecosystem can be utilized for both individual focused learning and collaboration.
  • Amanda Hansen - Education Designer

    As your designer, Amanda will lead the programming, space planning, creative, and technical aspects of the project from start to finish. She strives to create impactful spaces by asking insightful questions, gathering relevant information and presenting meaningful solutions that support her client’s needs. Amanda specializes in higher education, and strives to help University’s incorporate the latest technology and products to better support their programs and students.

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We have a passion for understanding how learning best takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help.

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From the beginning, we work alongside you to create the best spaces imaginable for teaching and learning — school by school, classroom by classroom.

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As a high-performance, full-service supplier VS is able to develop all learning areas of the school living space in a functional and differentiated way.