Commercial Installation

Commercial Installation & Construction’s (CIC) mission is to provide clients with quality service while using the most cost effective processes in office construction and installation. CIC provides clients with efficient Union Construction and Installation. Below is a list of CIC’s Union Installation full list of services.

Factory Certified Mobile Filing Systems (Installation & Demolition)

The high density storage concept is based on converting traditional aisles into one or two movable aisles based on your activity level.  By eliminating unnecessary aisles in a storage or filing area, you can condense materials and recoup valuable floor space for other uses. Mobile files or High Density systems are laser leveled to ensure they roll smooth. CIC is factory certified to insure you get a productive and efficient system.

Relocations and/or Moves

CIC has many years of experience in Union commercial relocations and moves. We promise hands-on involvement as well as a qualified project manager to oversee and direct your project in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Systems Furniture Installation and Reconfigurations

CIC is an expert in delivering all types of systems furniture. From installing the occasional, singular workstation, to a large-scale corporate facility, our fully-certified installation crews are ready to make your transition quick and easy.

Move Management

Moving from one space to another can be stressful, time-consuming and take away from productivity in the workplace. CIC provides Union move management services that oversees planning and implementation of your move, so you and your employees can focus on your business rather than your move.

Warehouse Storage

Our warehouse operations crew is the best in the industry—experienced, product knowledgeable, efficient, customer focused and trained to provide the highest level of service in the marketplace. We know how to dismantle, stage, load, transport and warehouse furniture on time and on budget while protecting the product from damage while maintaining accurate inventory.

Furniture Evaluation & Acquisition / Furniture Recycle / Disposal

Disassembly and removal of product can be a complicated and expensive procedure. CIC can help you determine the value of your product. If it has value, CIC can locate brokers from all over the country to purchase your inventory. If unfortunately your furniture has no value, CIC can help by quickly and affordably disposing of anything that can be repurposed or recycled.

Theater / Fixed Classroom Seating / Cages

CIC removes and installs theater or fixed classroom seating.  CIC also installs cages in secure data centers and warehouses.  

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