Syncing multiple iPads is easier with Spectrum’s InTouch40 Tablet Cart with Sync/Charge System. The new IT40 has the unique ability to automatically switch to charging mode after all 40 iPads have been synced. Other iPad sync carts with even less storage make you wait for syncing to finish so that you can manually change over to charging mode. But with the IT40, simply set the timer on the touchscreen and let the cart do the rest. This tablet charging cart has the industry’s first touchscreen controller that describes where charging is taking place and allows you to manually change where you prefer charging to occur.

As educators have realized the need for thicker iPad protective covers to offset damage, Spectrum has designed the IT40 to have wider bays so that you don’t have to remove the tablet protection in order for the tablets to fit in your cart.

With Spectrum’s Sync/Charge IT40, you don’t have to wait around for syncing to be complete and you don’t have to waste time removing protective covers every day and putting them back on. Make the smart choice in iPad management and use the new Sync/Charge IT40 from Spectrum!