C Collection Overview

Renowned designer Yves Béhar of fuseproject has created a bold collection of lounge,
reception and private sitting area furnishings. The clean lines and contemporary
styling of the C Collection integrate practical features such as functionality, ergonomic
comfort, pull up work surfaces, and complementary lighting to create an effi cient and
elegant option for modern interiors. C Collection lounge seating, combined with C
tables, provide a multitude of possible design configurations.

Flight Overview

The perfect synthesis of comfort, ergonomics, design and sustainability, the
Flight Seating Series is the ideal solution for the office, conference or
collaborative environments. This striking simple design by Carmen and
Urs Greutmann Bolzern of Zurich portrays a compelling combination of
aesthetics and functionality. Possessing a wide variety of options, Flight guest
and swivel tilt chairs offer the specifier a highly individual range of features.


For more lounge options, go to the HBF website.