Like the Michigan bridge that inspired its name, Mackinac helps people connect and easily navigate from activity to activity. Distinct microzones support focused work, small group collaboration and privacy for rejuvenation.

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For all the ways you work

Mackinac creates microzones where people can easily transition between work modes – from working alone to working with others, or a quick moment of respite – reducing the time they spend looking for just the right place to work.

Height-adjustable cantilevered worksurfaces allow people to easily shift from individual focused work to collaboration.

Shelving towers can host technology, as well as provide people much-needed visual separation to minimize distractions and allow for moments of respite during a busy day.


Make it yours

Mackinac is a high-performing and beautiful, human-centered setting that makes people feel comfortable and valued. The materials offering comprises a wide range of veneers, laminates, glass, textile, Corian, paints and more that make Mackinac—and the whole work experience—your own.

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