Ekko Overview

Ekko ushers a new level of style into conference rooms and personal office spaces everywhere. Its clean, crisp lines and unapologetically simple aesthetics make a bold statement about both modern interior design and the people who incorporate it into their daily lives. New materials and striking architecture make Ekko a much-heralded addition to the impressive collection of traditional conference room options from Davis.

Prat Overview

Davis offers a standard solution to the dilemma of the custom Parson table with the Prat Table Series. This table has a broad range of functions…from elegant restaurants to wi-fi cafés. The mitered joints and excellent craftsmanship sets this table apart from the typical offerings.

Span Overview

Span is a super slim, wood conference and working table. It is able to support lengths of up to 144 inches on just four legs. Span is one table that dares to push the limits of design and engineering further.


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