Ed Wills | President /CEO

Ed Wills

President / CEO

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Ed ensures that Scott Rice has the best team working with each business partner. He is responsible for making sure his employees have the training, tools and resources needed to satisfy our clients’ expectations. Scott Rice handles customers’ projects everyday, but the company never takes for granted the challenges and stresses that their clients go through as they invest in great projects like this one.


Joanna Woodward

Workplace Consultant/ Partner

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Joanna is responsible for managing the team and ensuring your requests are executed and completed to your satisfaction. She has the experience and skills required to successfully support the coordination of furniture design, order, and installation of your project. Joanna will serve as your main point of contact. She will consult with the client team and design team to provide concept development, evaluation, budget and quotation, development of standards and specification, and will provide keyed placement plans.

Stacy Roth | Vice President of Strategy and Engagement | Scott Rice

Stacy Roth

Vice President of Strategy and Engagement

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Stacy Roth joins the Scott Rice team after nine years in the architectural design community. Previously she was the Director of Education Solutions. Employees want meaningful places to work, places that feel good and also perform. This cultural shift is redefining environments in the workplace; creating more human-centered experiences that enrich the emotional, cognitive and physical being of people. Stacy is a resource for the latest insights and a conduit to thought leaders on the forefront of trends.

Shannon Redetzke | Director of Business Development for the Design Community | Scott Rice

Shannon Redetzke

Dir. of Business Development for A&D Community

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Shannon is Scott Rice’s A&D liaison and provides insight on product knowledge, design services and workplace solutions for the Design Community. Shannon graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in Interior Design. Shannon comes from a design background and has been part of the Kansas City design community for 13 years.  Her past experiences include government healthcare projects and K-12 education.


Kate Ward

Steelcase Workplace Consultant

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Kate will work collaboratively with your team to share research, insights and product support. Her focus is on workplace research and strategy, as well as the implementation of solutions that solve business needs and goals. She is skilled at analyzing and implementing applications that are strategically designed to support the client’s productivity goals.