Driving the Wellbeing of People

Offices would be better places to work if they were more like cars. New car models are embedded with technologies that make driving easier, safer and more fun. Sensors tell drivers if there is a truck in their blind spot or if they are about to back into another car when parking. Some cars allow drivers to safely take their hands off the wheel. Many are Wi-Fi enabled. The car doesn’t just provide transportation anymore—it actually helps people be better drivers.

Data-Driven Real Estate Reporting

New guidelines elevate the importance for facility managers to be able to explain the use and value of an organization’s spaces to company financial leaders. People and places have always been an organization’s greatest assets. But, those assets are being underutilized.

Resilient Workplace

A Resilient Workplace is an ecosystem of workspaces designed to adapt and evolve over time, optimizing real estate while fostering higher levels of employee engagement. The result is a more engaged and effective workforce that allows the organization to respond to changing business conditions.