Hello everyone!

To start off I am feeling beyond blessed to be here at Scott Rice and be a part of such an amazing team! Everyone has made me feel so welcome!

A little about me… I grew up in Olathe, graduated from Olathe East High School. I am a die-hard Royals fan. So during baseball season I am at Kauffman A LOT. My absolute best friend in the whole entire world is my 6-year-old nephew Andre.

I went to Pittsburg State University and got my degree in Interior Design under the construction program. At that point I really loved the construction side of design so I looked for jobs in residential construction and ended up moving to Bentonville, Arkansas and working for a couple different remodeling/ new home construction companies. I ended up being the project manager/ lead designer on a brand-new high-end subdivision where the homes were “modern rustic”. During that time, I spent most of my time designing the houses from the ground up, talking and making relationships with contractors and vendors and making sure everything was scheduled and planned.

About the time all of the houses were finished I decided to switch career paths into commercial design.  I ended up being a designer at a firm in Springdale. It was a commercial furniture dealership, so I took the chance and went into contract furniture! I loved the commercial side and I was so glad I went into it, but at that point my boyfriend and I were in the middle of a decision of whether or not we wanted to stay in Arkansas and buy a house or if we wanted to move back to Kansas.

On the more personal side I AM GETTING MARRIED!!! In August to my fiancé Colby. Colby and I met in college at Pitt and have pretty much been inseparable since. Colby also was in construction and was helping build the houses I designed in Arkansas (working for the same company). Colby and I make custom furniture together when we have time, when I say “together” I mean I tell him what I want and what to do and he builds it 😊. We love being outdoors, hiking and going to the lake. We have two dogs who are probably the equivalent to kids. We have Tucker who is a mastiff/ pitbull mix and Kai who is an Akita/ pitbull mix – also have way too much energy. Colby owns a handyman business on the side and I teach gymnastics so we both often get home every night around 8:00 but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! So here I am! Just taking what life is throwing at me!

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