My name is Karla Wilcox and I now live in Manhattan and absolutely LOVE it! My husband and I both grew up in Wichita, going to rival schools, each took several years away from Kansas to come back about the same time but didn’t meet each other until almost 2 years later…in a bar! I blew him off for a month and then decided to “pencil” him in and the rest is history! We both love movies, our 4-legged daughters, our families, eating and traveling. Our 3 fur-daughters, which rule the roost, are our 2 dogs: Victoria the 7 year-old lab and Lizzie the 3 year old Shepherd mix and our cat Lily who is 11. My husband, Kyle, of 6 years, works in property management doing maintenance and has a side business where he makes tactical gear (belts, dog collars and leashes, ballistic plate covers, etc.) and is glad to be back to the land of wheat, rather than the corn of Nebraska! When we aren’t working, we love to travel and have been to Jamaica, Mexico (twice)

and most recently in February, the Dominican Republic and hope to continue to add to our list of places over the coming years, both internationally and stateside. Three of my cousins on my dad’s side got married last year, so we also got to spend time in New York City, Colorado and Wichita for their weddings (it was like a yearlong family reunion!). My dream vacation (which I am hoping my husband is planning for our 10 year anniversary…) is a tour of Italy. We are very close to our families and enjoy spending as much time as possible with them. Now that we are down the road from Kyle’s sister and her family and only a couple of hours from the rest of our immediately families, we will get to spend a lot more time with them and are looking forward to being able to be in our nieces and nephews lives much more.

I have a business degree from Wichita State University, an interior design degree from Harrington College of Design in Chicago and a Master’s degree from Friends University. I feel I am quite rounded and have been able to utilize each degree in different facets of my career over the years. My true bond will always be with Wichita State, as it was engrained from me at an early age…I have been attending Wichita State basketball games since the early 80s and have stuck with them through the ups and downs (and there have been many), but am glad we have been on an up for quite a while now. I am super excited to start going to more games being closer and embarrass my husband with my “game face”!

I am stoked to be a part of the Scott Rice team and can’t wait to make my mark on Manhattan and the surrounding communities!

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