We are focused on helping schools and educational institutions create the most effective active learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students


We offer furniture solutions that facilitate moments that enhance the wellbeing, empathy and connection of clinicians, patients and families.

Lounge Spaces

Our furnishings are comfortable, elegantly purposeful, and beautifully crafted to cross over — between offices and homes, meeting rooms and social spaces, and wherever else creative people want to feel inspired about their work day.

Small Business

We are inspired by the spirit of small business and we design workplace solutions that help create great work environments that are easy to own and exhilarating to use. Running a small business is hard enough — having a great space to work in should be easy.

The Resilient Workplace

A Resilient Workplace is an ecosystem of spaces designed to adapt and evolve over time, optimizing real estate while fostering higher levels of employee engagement.

Creative Spaces

Microsoft and Steelcase are introducing all-new immersive Creative Spaces, that bring together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.


Workplace 20·20: A federal Response to change patterns in the work environment

Over the last two decades, there have been dramatic changes in technology, business practices, and the demographic profile of the U.S. workforce. Team work has grown in importance; computer work takes precedence over paperwork; and increased local mobility and the greater geographic distribution of team members is now a common reality rather than the exception. Flat, fluid organizations have proliferated, requiring workspaces that are less hierarchical and less tied to status.
In 2002, the U.S. General Services Administration responded to these changes in a special way when it launched the WorkPlace 20·20 research and development program.1 The focus of this effort was to help agencies realign their work settings to support teams effectively at a time when organizational structures, work styles, and technology were evolving rapidly.

– Produced by GSA Public Buildings Service, June 2009

Inspiring Spaces

People are rejecting the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as the office. Instead, they want informal, authentic and inspiring spaces where they feel an emotional connection. They want the freedom to choose where and how they work.


As the legal industry evolves, its work environments require new approaches. Professionals need high performance spaces that support privacy and focus, as well as collaboration with colleagues and clients.


Today employees are working longer and harder and they need a work environment where they can meet, work, network, socialize and re-energize. More and more employees are choosing to work away from the office.